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BWI Seattle has 6 monthly meetings including locations to the North, South, East, and West as well as morning, afternoon, evening, weekday, and weekend options.  Please note that days (particularly weekend ones) and locations may occasionally vary due to holidays or location and volunteer availability.  Upcoming meetings are listed on the right, and our full calendar can be found on our Facebook page.

Do you have a connection to a resource that could provide us with a free place to meet?  Please check out this page for our needs and requirements, and thank you!

3 thoughts on “Meeting Information

  1. Hi. Just recently moved to West Seattle and have a eight month old. Have never used a ring sling, but would love to learn. It’s hard for me to get to Bellevue and some of the meetings up North. Are there some folks that live in W.Seattle. Would anyone be willing to meet up around here?
    Thanks so much, Laura

  2. Hi,

    I followed your website instructions but you weren’t meeting today on the east side. When is the next meeting at CofC?


    1. Hi Carol! Sorry you missed us. As this page says, meeting times and locations are subject to change due to the shifting nature of our (free!) locations. We actually changed our meeting date beginning last month to accomodate our new North Seattle location. I’ve updated the info above, but current info can always be found on our Facebook page linked above, no FB account needed to view. 🙂

      Thanks, and we hope to see you soon!


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